Are you ready to break free from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, get back in control of your health and start enjoying life in a new and balanced way?

Dear Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferer,

I’m Russell Stubbs, I’m a therapist and holistic health coach, I work with clients from all over the world, helping them to resolve their health conditions and create happy and fulfilling lives. That might sound like a big claim, but it’s possible and I’d like to show you how!

Unless someone has experienced chronic fatigue syndrome or a similar condition they really have no idea of how much this debilitating condition can affect you. Even those people closest to you might be aware of the diverse range of challenging symptoms, but they may not truly understand the full implications affecting all areas of your life.

Have your relationships been affected by Chronic Fatigue

Over the years my clients have shared with me the devastating effects of CFS on their lives. Apart from the obvious extreme health challenges, there’s the impact on your relationships. Whether that’s with your parents, partner, children, family or friends. Relationships suffer or even break down completely around chronic fatigue syndrome.

The financial impact of CFS

There’s also the obvious financial impact. Most sufferers are unable to work at all and for the the few that do manage a reduced work schedule, that’s literally all they can do. Then there’s the countless amount spent on treatment attempts over the years along with special diets and supplements.

All of these CFS challenges obviously affect your well-being. I see well-being as a separate area from health. This includes the amount of joy, happiness and contentment you’re able to experience. I understand that CFS is a devastating condition impacting on all areas of life. That’s why I dedicate my time to helping people just like you turn the situation around and truly start living.

  • Are any of the following points true for you?

    • You’ve lost trust in your body and you don’t know how to control the changing symptoms and energy levels
    • You’re not able to commit to any arrangements, because you don’t know how you’ll be feeling at the time.
    • You feel exhausted, but at night when you’re trying to sleep you can’t help waking-up with a busy mind.
    • You have a constant anxious or scared feeling – even when there’s nothing to fear – you find it impossible to relax.
    • People around you can’t understand your situation, you might appear fine on the outside even though you feel really unwell.
    • Your health condition may have improved over time, but you can’t seem to take that final step to full health.
    • You’ve tried various treatments and experienced some success, only to lose hope when your symptoms returned.

Even doctors are unsure of how to resolve CFS

Over the last fourteen years I’ve been helping people to regain their health and in the past seven years I’ve specialised purely in chronic fatigue syndrome and fatigue related conditions. These really are some of the most confusing and misunderstood health conditions, in fact I’ve helped a number of medical doctors to recover from CFS, so, if they were unaware of how to resolve their chronic fatigue, it’s understandable that most sufferers have no idea of where to even start.

Does it feel like you’ve tried everything to get well?

Many of my clients have already tried numerous treatments, therapies, supplements and approaches with little or no success. Unfortunately this trial and error approach can reinforce the belief that CFS is incurable and after investing large amounts of money and time in your recovery efforts to no avail, you could find yourself feeling fearful, protective and possibly even cynical at the suggestion CFS can be resolved.

That’s quite understandable considering the situation, but all I ask you to do at this point is to suspend that belief and those feelings, even if it’s just temporarily, because it’s likely that they will prevent you from being open to something that does actually work!

There is a way through this!

At the point of writing this, I’ve helped many hundreds of sufferers with ages ranging from twelve to seventy to regain their health and lives, so I feel I really do know the territory.

I want you to know that there is a way through this. I’m not suggesting it’s necessarily easy, in fact it takes effort, consistency and commitment on your part to make it work. What I do know at this point is that there will never be a magic pill, external treatment or supplement that will cure CFS, it’s not going to work that way.

  • What would it mean if you could:

    • Get to the root cause of your ME/CFS and make the necessary changes to bring your health back into balance.
    • Finally, gain the control over your health and well-being that you’ve been looking for, in a straight forward and logical way.
    • Develop a new level of trust in your body and your ability to do whatever you want, whenever you choose.
    • Go to bed at night confident in the fact that you’ll sleep soundly and wake in the morning feeling rested and refreshed.
    • Calm the internal chatter of your mind and develop a new peaceful and confident feeling that remains with you.
    • Appreciate the additional benefits of becoming more relaxed, centred and content in all areas of your life.
    • Say goodbye to the health condition that’s held you back and focus on a bright and healthy new chapter in your life.

Is CFS affecting all areas of your life?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is what I’d describe as an “holistic condition”, meaning that it has an effect on all areas, physical, emotional, psychological. Therefore, in order to bring things into a whole new level of balance, we need to consider a truly holistic approach. In fact focusing on just one of these areas is unlikely to work, we need to look at the whole picture.

This is what I do regularly with my clients to bring about true and lasting recovery. I’m passionate about my work and get real joy from hearing about the amazing changes people consistently make when given the right guidance and approach.