Stress & Fatigue Mind Habits – Internal conversations!

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Video Summary:

Here’s another mind habit that we’ve identified, that causes more stress, maybe you recognise this one yourself?

It turns out that we all have conversations in our minds, often with other people who aren’t actually there at the time. These become much more likely when we’re stressed.

You probably recognise the type of thing… you need to talk to someone about something or other and you start to rehearse the conversation ahead of time….

These conversations often start out ok, but easily escalate into some form of imagined conflict.

Or, you’ve already had some sort of interaction with someone and you go over and over the conversation in your mind, thinking “I should’ve said this!”… “I could’ve said that!”…

The problem is, even though this is a form of imagination, the stress centre in our brain doesn’t differentiate it from reality.

Part of us believes it’s actually happening, so we unconsciously prepare for conflict and create a lot more stress in the process.

We don’t typically talk about these mind habits – but we all have them.