Busy, Professional, Working Mums Face Silent Epidemic!

As Stress levels become unworkable, many busy, working mums are on the edge of complete burnout!

And it’s no wonder, when you consider the level of responsibility, pressure and stress that you’re having to face.

Chances are, there’s no let-up! You manage people and projects all day at work… and then you get back to “project home” and it’s more of the same.

The mental load is relentless! You’re desperate. But whichever way you look at it, you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

You’re frustrated by your situation. And you’re angry that no-one seems to notice what you’re going through. They don’t get it!

So you keep your head down and keep pushing forward.

Maybe you try to hide the truth of your situation at work?

You might be afraid that it could affect your chance of that future promotion?

You could look around and question, “how is it that other people in similar situations seem to cope? Why am I different, and what’s wrong with me?”

Then that becomes another thing to berate yourself with.

You could tell yourself… it’ll be alright when…

When you get more support at work…

When you finish the latest project…

When the kids are older and more independent

…but, in reality, whatever happens, nothing changes!

At home you might find yourself losing your patience and being snappy with the kids or your partner. That’s followed by guilt, because now you feel like you’re letting everyone down.

On the subject of the kids, you may worry what harm you’re causing them by existing in this stressed out state. Then, when they play-up, it’s confirmation that they’re learning their behaviour from you!

…which brings even more self-judgement and guilt to deal with.

Your sleep pattern is dreadful. You lay there with your head on the pillow, eyes wide open, cycling through your latest worries. And things are way more irrational at that time of night!

So you start to run scary movies, questioning EVERYTHING!

The alarm goes off, you’re exhausted again, and you’ve got that sinking feeling in your stomach. Now you resign yourself to start the whole daily grind off again…

It may feel like everything is staying the same. What you might not realise is, things ARE actually changing! Because when you’re stuck in this mode over time, the stress centre in your brain is getting trained!

Trained to produce more and more, consistent stress.

At a subconscious level, your system feels like it’s under attack – so some changes take place…

Your mind-chatter increases and you’re likely to have more “what if” thoughts – “what if this happens”? “What if it turns out this way, or that way”?

Those thoughts create more stress, which feeds back into the cycle!

You feel more emotionally sensitive. Those emotional reactions could take longer to settle down than you’re used to.

This again, creates more stress, which feeds back into the cycle!

Then there’s the physical symptoms of stress. The sleep problems, digestive issues, exhaustion, pain & tension etc.

These physical symptoms create more stress, which also feeds back into the cycle!

So at this point – your system is looping around the stress cycle, and the whole process has become “self fuelling”! It’s no wonder the stress feels like it’s on autopilot – because, at this point, it is!

This leaves your system in a very vulnerable state.

I’ve worked with a lot of people with more serious stress-related conditions. And they’ve always been through high stress and burnout, before the fuse finally blows. Then they’re completely stuck!

You may question whether things will ever calm down and become more manageable? In your darkest hour, you may worry that you’ll have to deal with something even more serious, if you carry on in this way?

…or you fear you’ll lose everything?

If that resonates with you at all, you’ll  be interested to hear that I’ve developed a new way of dealing with these issues. A way to reduce your stress levels and prevent the burnout cycle…

…without making major lifestyle changes, like leaving your job, or downsizing everything.

I’ve been working in the area of stress for over 16 years. And I’ve helped hundreds of burnt-out professionals to completely turn their situation around.

If this has been a problem for you for a while, you may well have tried other things. The approach that I’m describing here is not like anything else I’ve come across.

And in case you’re wondering, it’s not traditional counselling, psychotherapy, CBT or psychiatry!

This is a unique multi-methodology approach. It retrains your brain to produce significantly less stress, ending the burnout cycle!

This is a new way of dealing with this modern epidemic, as stress levels rise to unseen proportions

I’ve worked with lots of people who’d tried everything else on offer, without success.

I realised that we needed something completely different. If we were to stand a chance of reversing the effects of this level of stress.

I’ll be honest…in those early days it wasn’t all easy. I was just as frustrated as all the other therapists trying to deal with these difficult issues…

it’s taken me years to hone the approach to the point that it’s at now. A set of steps that anyone, with the right guidance can follow.

When you understand the way our brains becomes “unconsciously trained” to produce stress…

…then it’s obvious why some people go around in circles, struggling, often for years!

The whole subject of stress, burnout and related symptoms, is so misunderstood…

Over the years, I’ve even used this approach to help several qualified Medical Doctors. They were struggling with these same issues and were able to turn their situation around.

So if the doctors don’t know how to deal with this, it’s understandable that most people don’t have a clue of where to start!

I don’t know of any other therapists or stress experts in the field using this approach. Now, it’s possible to take advantage of this opportunity, as I start to share the method with a larger audience.

It’s important to be clear, this is not a quick fix, or a “sticking-plaster” approach.

It’s not like a weekend stress management course arranged by work.  A course that results in you feeling motivated, but wears off, leaving you in a worse state, with a little less hope.

This is about getting to the core of the problem.

By focussing in the right areas, it has the effect of reprogramming your brain to produce less stress.

These changes show-up in all areas of life – Health, Career, Relationships & Well-Being.

This isn’t for everyone. I want to be clear, this is going to take some effort and consistency from your side to make it work. But, once you’ve learnt the approach, and integrated it – everything in life becomes easier.

For someone experiencing high levels of stress, It’s hard to imagine anything changing.

But, if you’re prepared to put in the effort, I’ve seen people transform their lives by going through this programme.

I’m currently opening up the opportunity to take part. I’m going to teach this life rebalancing “Influence Programme” to a small number of people.

I’ll personally mentor you throughout the programme. I can help you avoid the pitfalls and identify the areas that will give you the most leverage in your situation.

This has taken 16 years of research to develop, along with the experience I’ve gained from thousands of hours of one-to-one work.

If you’re serious about changing your situation, and you’d like to learn more about this, then it’s a simple process. At the end of this text there’s a link that will take you to a web form.

Fill in the form, tell me about you and your situation and we’ll arrange to meet over the phone.

After you fill out the form, I’ll send you a link to a video. This explains more about the approach, and will give you more of an idea of what we’ll talk about in our conversation.

The video will also cover points like:

• How stress becomes a self-fuelling cycle and how to break it

• Which are the best areas to focus on, to turn the situation around

• Whether your personality traits could be sabotaging your progress

If this all makes sense and resonates with you, we can arrange to get on the phone in the next couple of days, to see if it’s a good fit!

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