Do my belief systems cause more Stress & Fatigue?

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Video Summary:

We all have belief systems and many of them, we borrowed from those around us when we were very young.

In fact in our early years, we’re almost like an MP3 recorder with the record button down. We don’t tend to question the beliefs or truths about the world that we are picking up from those around us.

Our belief systems are held at the level of the subconscious and have a major baring on our life experience.

As we move through life we’re all unconsciously comparing reality, or our experience of reality against our beliefs.

Is this right or wrong? is it good or bad? Is it safe or scary? etc… then our stress centre reacts accordingly.

Using the right approach, it’s possible to work on these belief systems and loosen the grip they have on us, opening up the possibility of forming some new, more life affirming beliefs.

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