Stress & Fatigue and the 2 choices

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Video Summary:

It turns out that where stress and fatigue are concerned there is only one of 2 modes that we can be in at any given time.

Almost like the brake or the accelerator for our nervous system.

The problem is, stress & fatigue can easily become a self-fuelling cycle and at that point its easy to get stuck in the stress mode, with the accelerator down, further fuelling the cycle.

When we get stuck in this low-level stress response mode it uses up a lot of our available energy, creates a range of physical symptoms and generates even more stress.

In this video we look at those 2 models, the affect they have on our health and the possibility of consciously moving from the stressful mode to the more peaceful one!

This is just one area to focus on if you’re looking to positively influence your situation by reducing your stress anxiety and fatigue.