Stress & Fatigue and the Compass

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Video Summary:

The compass is something that I share with clients when we’re working together on reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue levels.

I thought I’d share it with you, as you might find it interesting!

It’s is a helpful reminder of where we’re placing our attention at any given moment and possibly losing valuable energy.

When we’re stressed and fatigued its easy to get lost in the pattern. Stress causes us to have more stressful thoughts, which then cause more stress and fatigue.

That’s one of the ways in which it becomes a self-fuelling cycle.

With practice we can learn to recognise those thoughts and disengage from them before they take hold.

This is just one area I help people to work on in order to influence their health and life situation.

If we’re trying to change anything, awareness is always the first stage.

The compass is a tool that helps to create that awareness

This is the first step to retraining the mind and gaining control over your stress levels.