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Video Summary:

I didn’t mean to become the Stress & Fatigue Expert.

16 years ago,
before I became a therapist and health coach, I found myself in a very stressful period of my life.

When I look back now I realise I was in a vulnerable position, on the edge of burnout, and things could’ve turned out very differently.

Luckily for me, at that point my life changed direction and everything I learned through my therapy and health coaching training, I applied to my own life.

Things are very different for me now, I’m not saying I’m perfect in any way, but I know my life is far more balanced and a lot less stressful than it ever was.

I guess that’s why I’ve ended up working purely with these types of issues. I know the territory, I’ve been there myself, I’m very familiar with the patterns we develop whilst under stress.

It turns out that a these patterns that we develop whilst under stress, actually keep us stuck in the cycle. That’s become a big part of my work, helping people to recognise these patterns and then learn to change them

So all that I teach, I use myself, its not just concept or theory.

In this video, I share some of my story and how everything I’ve been through personally has been just as important as my training.

It’s a bit raw and vulnerable, but I hope it helps!