Modern life & the stress response

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Video Summary:

Do I really have the stress response of a hunter-gatherer?

The part of the brain that controls the stress response is very basic.

In fact science shows us that the mid-brain or the limbic system hasn’t really changed much in thousands of years.

It’s no wonder then with the amount of information, communication and general over-stimulation, that things can easily get way out of balance.

The stress response evolved to protect our species and it’s worked.

The problem is when the stress has been consistent, this area becomes over-sensitive and then the smallest thing can trigger the process.

In fact even our thoughts and imaginations can trigger that ancient fight or flight response.

So the process can become a very efficient self-fuelling cycle helping to keep you stuck.

With practice and the right tools, we can retrain the mid-brain and the benefits then show up in all areas of life.

In this video we take a look at the stress response.