Sandra Williams, UK

My story is really unbelievable.Ā  It is one of amazing success. I couldnā€™t walk and now I can and I attribute this to the Optimum Energy Course.

I was unable to walk further than 100yds without symptoms kicking in and I had had the problem for 8-10 years. I had bought a wheelchair and a scooter to aid my mobility but I was very dependent on others to assist me.

It started dramatically on a visit to Prague. I had been walking around sightseeing when very suddenly I became so hot I felt I would explode. I became breathless my vision was blurred and I had a bad headache. My co-ordination was poor and I had palpatations. I was in a state of collapse and unable to walk afraid I would loose consciousness.

Fortunately this happened on the day I was returning home. A taxi took me to the airport where I was given a wheelchair and taken onto the plane by a lift as I was unable to walk at all. I saw my GP who said I was very ill and needed to go home to bed and rest until I could have an appointment with a cardiologist.

As I was so limited with what I could do I paid privately for all the tests which came back negative. I was referred to a Respiratory consultant and again all the tests proved negative and I was discharged home without any diagnosis or treatment. My GP referred me to a doctor in Wales who specialises in patients with ME. Following a battery of tests I was diagnosed with mitochondrial failure.

Mitochondria are energy producing calls in the body but mine were not functioning correctly and any energy I produced was found to be used within minutes of walking. I was assesed as having a rating of 4/10 as a result of my tests and my disability. I started on many supplements and vitamin B12 injections 4 times a week.

I had to employ someone to help me with my housework as it took me 9 months to make a bed following my episode in Prague. After a while I started to do my own housework and up until I went on the course I would do one thing such as vacuuming a room then I would sit for an hour or so before doing another task. I would quite often be finishing the tasks I had set myself for the day just before starting to cook my evening meal and I had probably done what most people would achieve in 2 hours.

Shopping also proved to be difficult. It would take 3 visits to the supermarket on 3 consecutive days to complete my weekly shopping as I could only manage to walk down 2 aisles on each day as I had to get back to the car safely before my symptoms started.Ā  Sometimes I couldnā€™t return the trolley and recover my coin as I knew I would be in a state of collapse if I attempted to do this.

I had seen some improvement since the first onset, but I was still using my wheelchair and scooter as when I tried to walk the symptoms I described earlier would return and I would be acutely ill again. Life was ok but far from good.

Then I went on the Optimum Energy Course and my life has changed completely. I have the old me back. I cannot put into words the effectĀ it has had on me. Suddenly my life is full again. Yes I can walk distances, I am now walking up to a mile and I have joined a ballroom and Latin dancing class. I am meeting new people and enjoying doing normal things. I always felt positive that the course would be the answer and I donā€™t know why I thought this maybe because nothing or no one offered anything helpful.

I am so pleased I chose Russell as my trainerĀ heĀ is excellent.Ā  He has great expertise andĀ understanding.Ā  His patience and method of teaching make sense. It is a different way of looking at things but I am proof of the results. Russellā€™s confidence that I was able to walk proved true. He suggested that I started to walk a short distance within the hotel grounds where I was staying. It was about 250 yds I had to walk, and this was after the first day of training. I felt positive but anxious and nervous but I did it. I was shocked at what I had done.

I now start my day with the breathing exercises and tapping Russell taught us to do. I find this gives me a feeling of lightness and relaxation and I feel so good after doing it. Before going out on my walks I use the other techniques from the course. I find the EFT takes away any stress and anxiety I may have and I feel confident and energised.

Friends and relatives are amazed at my progress as indeed I am, it is quite unbelievable. I hope my story gives hope to others who find themselves in a situation that is unresolved. I know the struggle life can be but there is light at the end of the tunnel, it is possible to recover and be the person you want to be.
I said to several people before the training that if I make a recovery it will be a miracle and I have recovered so in my eyes it is a miracle.

Sandra Williams, UK

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