Olivia, UK

I have worked in advertising for 16 years and ride/compete horses for a hobby. I am someone who is fit, healthy and enjoy life. I am not often ill and do not think of myself as someone who would get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or anything that would be described in those terms. I have no wish to lie in bed and normally have lots of energy. I could never imagine this type of illness happening to me.

However I suffered a viral illness and ended up in bed and unable to work. After 4 weeks I went back to work for a few days but ended up in bed again feeling even worse. I could not even open the curtains. I just lay there in the dark feeling dizzy and ill. The doctor said I had Post Viral Fatigue and should just rest.

I did this and, over the next few weeks, gradually started to walk just a short way each day. It did not seem to help much. I still felt very wobbly and tired after I did anything. I had been told about Russell and his work, but it was only after the third person had mentioned him to me that I searched for more information on the internet.

I went onto a couple of web sites but it was Russell Stubbs’s site of www.fatigueguide.com that really made sense to me. Not only did it explain everything clearly, it was intelligent and straight forward. It also was extremely helpful, going so far as to offer a number of free exercises and even a downloadable relaxation recording, all of which were a great support as I was sitting at home in my flat worrying about the future.

I then enrolled in the recovery programme with Russell Stubbs. I learnt so much, more than I ever expected, and the results have been great. Not long after starting the programme I was back walking and biking and, very soon, horse riding and am now planning to go back to work.

Russell was an excellent trainer, as well as further helping me through our one-to-one sessions. Russell has so much experience that he brings to his work and really understands what is needed for each individual. As he himself says, everyone is different, and he was able to help and support me on the programme and beyond.

I could not recommend him highly enough, and in fact, already have to friends of mine!

I count myself as so fortunate to have attended this recovery programme with Russell and I have also learnt so much through doing our one-to-one sessions.

Olivia, UK

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